Developed by A.I.S.E., DetNet will be officially launched at the forthcoming A.I.S.E. Information Day planned on 3rd December 2013 at the Diamant Conference Center, Brussels.

Around the theme of “Safe use of cleaning products: making the label work and securing consistent end-user communication”, DetNet will be officially presented by A.I.S.E.


It will also be commented by a broad number of speakers including David Basketter (independent consultant), Krista Bouma (NL Enforcement Agency), Herbert Desel (Head of GIZ-Nord Poison Centre and the Toxicology Laboratory), Eugen Anwander (Vice-Chair of the ECHA Forum of Enforcement), Jack de Bruijn (Director Risk Management, ECHA) and Monique Goyens (Director General, European Consumers Organisations).

To register for the A.I.S.E. Information Day, please visit the event website (