Detergent Industry Network for CLP Classification

In order to become a DetNet subscriber, a company has to complete the subscription procedure:


1. Company to:


2. A.I.S.E. DetNet manager to:
  • Assess the subscription form and the expert nomination form(s)
  • If approval (via e-mail), send the invoice to the company (by post)


3. (i) Company to:


    (ii) Expert(s) to:


4. A.I.S.E. DetNet manager to:
  • Oficially confirm the full subscription (i.e. user agreement duly completed, payment received and non-disclosure agreement received)
  • Provide access (login and password) to the DetNet database to the expert(s).


5. Expert to:
  • Follow the training
  • Start using DetNet database.

In practice, when an expert enters the composition of an untested mixture to classify, the IT-tool will search the database and present a number of possible matching formulations (which the expert then evaluates manually to see whether any of the CLP bridging principles can be applied. The database can be searched using broad criteria or narrow criteria, upon decision by the expert. The IT- functionality is called ‘Reference Formulations Search Tool’.

Note: DetNet is not intended to propose a classification, only to present potentially relevant information in a computerised manner to experts.