Detergent Industry Network for CLP Classification

In practice, a company and its nominated expert(s) will go through the following steps (roll your mouse over for details):

Step 1:

  • Sign up to join and pay your subscription fees
  • Nominate your classification expert(s)

Step 2:

  • Get log in details and access the secure site

Step 3:

  • Input mixture to be classified and search in the DetNet database
  • System presents possible matching formulations

Step 4:

  • Expert determines if it is possible to derive the classifications of the untested mixture by comparison with tested reference formulations and applying ‘CLP bridging principles’

Step 5:

  • If can apply bridging principle(s), follow on-screen instructions to document your classification decision
  • Download and store final classification record

Step 6:

  • Label your mixture for skin and eye effects (other hazards may also be covered)
  • Update your Safety Data Sheet (SDS) accordingly


Download the one pager overview