Detergent Industry Network for CLP Classification

The DetNet database can be used by the classification expert(s) nominated by the company or by one of the external experts (as shown in the diagram below):


The classification expert appointed by a company can be:

  • A company employee (in-house expert) or
  • A consultant contracted by the company to carry out classification assessments.


The classification expert(s) has to be nominated by the company once it has filled in the DetNet user agreement. For more details about the nomination process click here.


The role of the expert (in-house, contracted or external) is to:

  • Undertake training prior to the use of the DetNet database and demonstrate competency in application of the classification approach;
  • Use the classification explanatory notes developed by A.I.S.E. to classify detergent and cleaning products for skin and eye irritation/corrosion;
  • Compare the composition of the untested mixture to the reference formulations included in DetNet database and select the most appropriate ones for classification purposes, as applicable;
  • Complete the agreed level of documentation to support classification decisions; 
  • Refer issues, inadequacies or problems with the guidance and gaps in the DetNet database to the DetNet manager;
  • Discuss and explain classification decisions with national authorities when required - such issues are to be notified to DetNet manager which will provide support as necessary.


For more information on experts click here.